34 signs youre actually dating your best friend

It is all fun to talk about, but part of him actually wants you to participate in his life.

2. Things are never awkward between you, everything is out on the table.

Everyone you know thought that you and him are dating, and he is like enjoying that. That because you two already spent lost of time together and they all see what you have not notice, this is an obvious sign that your male best friend is totally in love with you! Does he like to surprise you with little gifts or your favorite food? Do they suddenly send you link about the song they listening to? Well if they do, then you must know the reason behind it.


It also an obvious sign that he is madly in love with you. Do they sometime wants to hurt those who have hurt you and makes you sad? Do you sometimes find your best friend cares more about the messy and uncontrolled situation you are in, than you do?

22 Signs You’re Dating Your Best Friend

If the answer is yes, then this a sign that your male best friend is clearly care a lot about you and that could be the sign the have crush on you. There are many signs your best friend is in love with you and maybe you feel it when you read this:. Indeed, having best friend is a bless of life. Maybe only in best friend eyes we can feel true love.

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In case you ever heard, always spread love in every corner. The Signs and Tips! Why Are Scorpios So Misunderstood? Here are the Explanations. He asked what the chances were of him getting it, and if I was okay. We continued to see each other, he made note that red meat could cause outbreaks so he started cooking chicken and fish when I would come over.

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He knew that I loved coffee, but caffeine also increases the chance of outbreaks, so he got decaf to keep at his place. Now here we are, almost 2 years later. We have a house and a dog and a beautiful life together. I had a really bad nightmare and burst into tears in my sleep.

He gently woke me up and I could not stop crying. I must have looked a mess and he must have thought that I was crazy but he held me and soothed me. I feel so safe when I wake up next to him. Things you like, or have been talking about, or wanting to do, etc. He speaks up when he feels that something is wrong, instead of waiting for a big blow-up. He might not be turned on by it, but he accepts it as a fact of life.

His goals, hopes, and dreams for the future align with yours. And he supports your aspirations and goals. He takes care of what he needs to take care of. He loves and accepts you for who you are, just as you are, right here and now. He knows that one day you and he will get older, wrinklier, pudgier, and maybe balder.

He involves you in decisions that might affect you, or at least tells you about what he wants to do before he does it in these matters. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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34 signs you are actually dating your best friend

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