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Although young women say that Hinge often feels safer than Tinder, its primary advantage stems from how the app lets users connect to people from the same alma maters or similar jobs, filling a niche that Tinder left wide open. At first glance, the app resembles a younger, hipper spinoff of Tinder.

It gives users a fresh list of relationship prospects every day.

Users can accept or reject its suggestions and the app then introduces any matches and suggests they go on a date at a nearby location. The app has already begun to take off in Boston. Hinge expanded to Beantown from DC last August.

According to McLeod, the app has witnessed a percent spike in users from Boston since January. It has made , matches here and 3 million across its nine cities nationwide. Hinge manages to leave an ineffable sense of security.

Dartmouth dating site

It saps the risk from the modern dating world, a new frontier where harassment abounds. It would be impossible to fathom that the guy you chat with on Hinge might turn out to be the psychopath you read about on Huffington Post last week. Afterall, you know them.

When looking for love on dating apps turns dangerous

Or at least a friend knows them. Or a friend of a friend.


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Granted, Tinder also boasts an extended social connection it shows you if you have any mutual friends , but Hinge only matches people who actually share Facebook friends. It also gives you the full name, contact information, and sometimes even where your match works, rendering users neither shady nor faceless.

Hinge also draws its allure from the way it matches users. The app boasts a unique algorithm that uses past choices to predict future matches.

It builds on that data to offer a fresh list of up to 15 new people every day. Where you went to school and now work, and which friends you share, often indicate which type of people you may want to meet next, McLeod says. McLeod notes that a Harvard student, for example, might prefer other Ivy Leaguers.

The algorithm would then compose lists that include more people from Ivy League institutions. So, Hinge at times resembles a networking tool as much as a dating site, one that matches you to people from your extended social network.

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Though there is something vaguely patriarchal about a tool that keeps people within their social strata, it also makes sense. Psychological studies show that people are attracted to people who look like them and earn as much as they do. We are narcissists, gravitating to the familiar and comfortable.