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I checked it out only to discover I had an old deleted account there. So, it's not free. Don't ya wish everything were free? Well, maybe not everything but it'd sure be nice if more things were "free'er.

Try to become active in your community, or look around the area for music festivals and the like. Lots of young ladies looking for adventure out there! This, start becoming involved in your new community in some way. As you get to know more people you will meet others and humans tend to have a way at match making naturally. There is a nearby local grocery that I may try to volunteer some time at. I work from home already and interestingly enough, I will have direct access to fiber internet on this property due to a stroke of luck with fiber running right by it so I can continue to do my job all the way out in nowhere-land so would be happy to get out of the house and volunteer whether it be stocking some shelves or mopping some floors.

Another idea is to ask at the grocery if any locals need help, the side bonus here is you can possible pick up some valuable skills you will use on your homestead. Working outside with happy people who also like working outside is a great way to meet people with a similar mindset, and rather than stocking shelves or mopping floors you can learn how to plant, care for and harvest plants that feed you. I drive a little over an hour to the farm I volunteer at weekly and it's worth every moment of the drive.

Plus I get enough free high-quality produce that I don't shop for fruits or veggies at the grocery store or farmer's market anymore. I will have direct access to fiber internet on this property Wat I live in a major metropolis and we've been struggling to get fiber to a major community center.

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Internet providers in this country are insane. Single female homesteader here. Music festivals, hiking trails, community events, open mics, yoga classes, permaculture workshops I'm very attached to my homestead here in Detroit, but if your property is in Arizona I'll totally be your winter time girlfriend. I hate these northern midwest winters. The last two years have been especially brutal it seems Not Arizona, but Texas Well, winter can still get 'cold' but not like midwest cold.

I won't ask you to reveal your location, but what kind of initial monetary investment are we talking for land parcel exclusively? Find a farmers market near you. Begin to spend time there and get to know the vendors and folks who shop there. You might be amazed at the like minded individuals you will meet. And perhaps they might know someone looking for a partner or you may meet a potential match. My SO and I have had a booth for years at our local market. It is a favorite spot for young people into self sufficiency and possibly looking to meet other singles with common values and lifestyle choices.

I know people have already said it, but community is key. Humans are naturally social creatures. So host home brew meetings for your neighbors, extend a hand when people are building fences, buildings, or planting food.

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They will be more likely to come and help you when you need it. You are very lucky to be reaching a life goal like this so young, take advantage and share your wealth with others I'm not talking about money, but rather the wealth of company, and brotherhood.

Dont know how far away from the city you are but maybe you could set yourself up with a "stealth camper van" of some description. Something that allows you to drive into the city and stay overnight for minimum cost. Could be as basic or comfortable as you like. It could also be used as a mobile office if able to work remotely.

This would give you a bit more flexibility and freedom to move away from your property and meet other people and not be so tied down. Write a book about your ordeal.

Write a blog if you have net access. Get a good dog or horse and learn to train it. Learn to play an instrument. Aleeza ben shalom is smart. Travel to go off grid podcast channel. Real goods grid dating site. Single, grid a lot of time on when i have been planning to each other, and prints bibliographies for discovery.

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