Marriage not dating ep 2 recap

Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Julien Kang Main Cast. Han Sun Hwa Main Cast. Yeon Woo Jin Main Cast. Han Groo Main Cast. Cast - Marriage, Not Dating. Jeong Jinwoon Main Cast. Yoon So Hee Main Cast. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Cast. Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast. Ki Tae says through his teeth that Jang Mi should go in. She tells him that she misses him already as she walks inside, waving at him. He watches her go and waves, too. Aunt calls Mom and tells her that she checked. Hoon Dong gets out of his car and wonders why he came there.

Hyun Hee approaches and tells Jang Mi that she has a visitor. She starts to fidget and he asks her if he came when she didn't mean it. Did he make her uncomfortable? Hyun Hee plops her hand on his shoulder, about giving him a heart attack. They settle on an all-black outfit. Yeo Reum smiles and says that Jang Mi is working so hard for him. She tells him that she had fun. It's like playing with dolls. Yeo Reum smiles slightly and asks Jang Mi that since he was her doll, will she pay for him. Yeo Reum laughs, because he was kidding. Hoon Dong is walking with Hyun Hee.

He points to a purse and tells her that it would suit you. He sees a wallet and likes it. He asks if he can get 20 of them. When Hyun Hee asks about 20 of the same item, Hoon Dong says that a friend is having a charity event and he wants to donate them. He winks at her.

Fighting! My Love Affair with Asian Dramas: Marriage Not Dating Episode 2 Recap

Hyun Hee declares that Hoon Dong is nicer than she thought. She laughs and said that Jang Mi had her thinking that he was the worst kind of loser. Hyun Hee supposes that it's because Jang Mi loved him so much and was really hurt. Hoon Dong blinks at that comment. Hyun Hee smiles and tells him that she can see why Jang Mi fell so hard for him. After how he dogged your friend? Hoon Dong squirms uncomfortably. She walks off and Hoon Dong sighs, still uncomfortable. But it seems more about Jang Mi than getting hit on. Se Ah is sitting at a restaurant, drinking a smoothie and reading a book.

Yeo Reum arrives and hands her back her card. She asks if he bought something nice. He thanks her and asks why she did it. She replies that her party guests should look their best. Hoon Dong arrives and tells Yeo Reum to scram. He sits at her table and says that he sees her often these days. Is she there to see him? Hoon Dong turns and looks at Yeo Reum. She invited him, too? Yeo Reum nods and says that she bought him an outfit too. How could he turn her down? He sighs with frustration and says that that's her problem. He starts giving Yeo Reum a hard time about how Yeo Reum bussed the table.

Yeo Reum laughs, pats Hoon Dong on the shoulder and asks if he should ask Jang Mi to go to the party, too. Hoon Dong glares at him as he walks away. Se Ah is driving in her convertible. She calls Ki Tae and declares that she needs him to go to a party with her. He wants to know why. Ki Tae tells her that he already has a date. Those are HIGH heels. Jang Mi looks great.

Hoon Dong leaves his restaurant, whistling. They run into each other. He takes off his sunglasses and they stand there, awkwardly. He asks her to talk for a moment. Indifferently, she asks what they need to talk about.


Hoon Dong, looking serious, says that he wants to apologize. She looks at him and blinks. Hoon Dong declares that he wants her to go somewhere with him. Se Ah drives up in the distance in her convertible. Ki Tae tells Jang Mi that they should go. He puts his arm around her and begins to walk her away. After about 10 feet Jang Mi stops and says that she wants to hear him out. She starts to go back, but he grabs her and walks her away.

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 2 Recap

He puts her in the car and they drive away. Neither Se Ah nor Hoon Dong are happy. Se Ah gives Hoon Dong a ride. In the car, Jang Mi mutters that Hoon Dong seemed to mean it. Did she forget about people management? He could be managing people too. She needs to stay on your toes. Lots of girls in bikinis.

Jang Mi and Ki Tae arrive. She feels awkward and he walks with his hands in his pockets as if he could care less. She wonders what kind of charity event this is. Se Ah walks up and declares that they should all have a good time. Jang Mi looks at him awkwardly. Se Ah declares that those who are giving should have fun, too. Now Jang Mi feels really awkward. Which I think is exactly how Se Ah wanted it. Jang Mi thinks to herself that Hoon Dong wanted to bring her there? Hoon Dong replies that Se Ah wanted him to come. Ki Tae replies that the past isn't important.

He puts his arm around Jang Mi and pulls her close, declaring that the present is. One of the other guests marvels that when the daughter of Ganghan's chief director is hosting a party, all the doctors of Seoul show up. Ki Tae is cordially bowing with Se Ah smiling at his side. They totally look like the perfect power couple. Ki Tae laughs easily as Jang Mi watches.

I call them girls because no self-respecting woman screams like that when a cute guy shows up. Yeo Reum has arrived, wearing the outfit that Jang Mi picked out for him. Jang Mi sees him and waves, smiling. Yeo Reum smiles and waves back… and walks right past her to go talk to Se Ah. Se Ah and Hoon Dong welcome him. Jang Mi mutters to herself that Yeo Reum had another goal too. Way to really make her feel like crap, Ki Tae. Hoon Dong gets a call.

She looks very cute. She claims that his order was delayed so she brought it there personally. Hoon Dong walks up to Se Ah and says that he brought something for the auction. Hoon Dong says that it's a charity auction, so he wanted to help. Se Ah squints at him and says that it isn't that type of auction.

The guys around her including Ki Tae chuckle at Hoon Dong for being an idiot. She appreciates the thought. He awkwardly takes the wallets back. Jang Mi is at the buffet table. As she tries to get some food, Yeo Reum comes up and takes the tongs out of her hands and starts using them.

She starts to make small talk. Jang Mi tries again to get some food and Yeo Reum stops her again. He says he thought she was interested in him. They do a little sword fighting with the tongs before Jang Mi gives up. A drunk woman wanders up to Yeo Reum and says that she saved him a seat. He walks off with her, leaving Jang Mi standing there. All the eligible men climb up on stage. Se Ah drags Ki Tae up to the stage. He tries to just give a donation, but he and Yeo Reum end up on stage.

Hoon Dong walks up the Se Ah and asks if she wants some help. He tells her that he would've dressed up if he'd known. All the guys look like a bunch of bugs. She tells him to go ahead. Lots of bidding and men performing. Yeo Reum introduces himself as a good cook. Jang Mi is laughing and clapping. Hoon Dong is annoyed that someone else is getting the hooplah. Emcee asks what Ki Tae is good at. Women start bidding on Ki Tae. A bidding war breaks out between some older women.

Marriage, Not Dating Funny and Cute sence

Ki Tae looks at Jang Mi and she shrugs. He looks over at Se Ah and she shrugs with her eyes. Ki Tae tries to get out of it, so Yeo Reum has to pick: Yeo Reum starts dancing and the women go wild. Emcee turns to Ki Tae. The cougars are ready to claim their prize. He starts doing some Elvis moves.

He mouths to Jang Mi to bid on him. Ki Tae is killing himself dancing, trying not to be bought by the cougars. Jang Mi starts to feel really bad for Ki Tae. Her plan all along. The bidding goes on until no one is left… except Hoon Dong. The Emcee forgot about him. He covers by saying that he saved the best for last. Hoon Dong declares that he owns a French restaurant and will feed the ladies pasta forever. Jang Mi looks like she feels like crap. Subs say this is a curse word in Korean. There's a cuckoo sound effect which covers what she says.

He declares that he used to want to be in an idol band. But his singing is bad. So is his dancing. Emcee proposes they throw Hoon Dong into the water. Jang Mi cringes because she knows this is humiliating for Hoon Dong.

Crowd chants for Hoon Dong to get dunked. Hyun Hee smiles like he means her. Ki Tae mutters that Hoon Dong wants everyone. Hoon Dong dramatically goes and does a belly flop into the pool. Everyone laughs and no one bids. Emcee declares that Hoon Dong is for free if any girl will go in too!

Jang Mi slowly, with determination, walks into the pool. Ki Tae sighs with frustration. Hyun Hee looks upset. Those were nice shoes, too. She asks if he meant it. She says that he still doesn't feel any remorse, eh? Hoon Dong asks her if she was hoping they were going to start over?

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He almost looks hopeful. He sighs and his face says that he was hoping she was going to say yes. Hoon Dong says that he thought they could be friends. After how you treated her? Hoon Dong says that he thought he couldn't, but with her it seems possible. She seemed cool with things, since she was with Ki Tae and Yeo Reum. Hoon Dong declares that it's not all about dating when thinking in terms of having a 'good relationship. I'm just not going to let that go.

Hoon Dong says that they could encourage each other and just be friends. Because Hoon Dong does not live in reality. Jang Mi looks away. Stoically, Jang Mi declares that her feelings for him were real. She gets up and walks away, leaving Hoon Dong thinking. Jang Mi walks, one shoe missing. Ki Tae is waiting for her. He looks like he feels bad for her. She tells him that they should forget about her revenge. He tells her to just wait. He'll bring more towels. He leaves to get the towels and she starts walking again. She takes off the other shoe.

Yeo Reum calls her name. He has her other shoe and her purse. Yeo Reum kneels down and Jang Mi has a Cinderella moment. Ki Tae comes back and sees it. Jang Mi thinks that she was glad that someone was with her. Yeo Reum laughs and says they should eat. She asks when he wants to do their date.

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 2 Mini Recap

He starts to asks why she bid on him and she tells him that she did it for the children. She smiles and tells him to just buy her a meal. She asks him if he wants to go eat now? Where did she go?! She asks Jang Mi how she could do it and declares that she was so surprised. She tells Jang Mi to come home now. Oma hangs up the phone and grabs the tray with the grapefruit juice. She brings it out to where Mom is and apologizes for this being all they have.

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Mom apologizes for the short notice. Thoughts We got to know our hero and heroine more this episode and I am liking them more and more. The girls were never interested in him, but they were interested in his money or his status. I mentioned that Jang Mi was a genuinely kind, polite person — which is one of the reasons I really like her. Dazzling Demelza and a death in the. Know where youre not wanted, thats my next pearl of wisdom. We open on Mrs. S, sitting in her chair, looking at her family, protecting the ones she loves the most. Sarah and Kira are sleeping, but its no.

Sure, we might not have marriage equality in Australia. I hope not 3 was born november 2, toronto, ontario, canada. Drama Marriage Not Dating literal title Revised romanization. Here, creator Dan Fogelman breaks down the finale — and what it means for Season 2.