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Planning goes a long way. Make the plan, get them to commit to it, and stick to it. Introverts generally only like talking to a few people in a social situation—usually someone they know or have something in common with. Introverts need time being quiet. Pay extra attention to their actions when it comes to what they need. Developing a friend group of other extroverts can take a lot of pressure off.

Having a well-rounded group of friends that you can lean on for social interaction can take a lot of pressure off of your relationship. Make sure to let your introvert partner know how special they are.

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I, too, am an introvert and everything that you just listed is so very true. I was ina relationship with another introvert and I bombed that relationship so badly because of the assumptions, rushing processes and trying to low key fix them. Nonetheless, I just feel so bad so, I think that I will take this time to heal and just hope for the best. Thanks for being so accurate in your post?. Hi Mary J, thanks so much for reading. If everything was great, nothing would be special. I wish you both the best of luck, really and truly. This article is wonderful. Now I am sure that I am an introvert person.

Every point is so true. Is about the complexity about our inner self. Not everybody understand, but other people apper and resonate with our esence, and is so wonderful and special. Always the point is love everything about us, even when the outside give the prize to extrovert people. Thank you for your article! Thanks so much for reading. Yes, the inner self is always complex.

Letting that confidence shine will surely help you in the long run, and people will appreciate you for that honesty. I hope you have a great day! I am not an extrovert, but nor do I consider myself an introvert. Although from following your site I can see aspects of my personality that sway to me being more introverted rather than an extrovert.

They see quietness as being a sign of weakness, which is untrue. My partner is definitely an introvert. He can be kind to others, but distant at home.

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10 Things Introverts Need in a Relationship

I followed this site in the hope that it will somehow help me understand him and how to talk to him and how to be around him. He sounds less like an intovert and more like someone that needs relationship counseling. He is ignoring your need for interaction and connection. When I read you short comment I see a relationship heading towards its end. Hi Cathrine, Thank you for a wonderful, thought provoking and insightful article!

Upon reading this, i realise that i too am an introvert in many ways, however as described in many other articles i have read, i am on a sliding scale between intro and extrovert, therefore do not quite understand all the ways a true introvert function. In this past week we had a little misunderstanding after which i could physically feel him shutting down toward me. A degree change in his attitude toward me and the relationship. All the gushing beautiful words and thoughts he shared have evaporated. When gently asked he said that his feeling have not changed, yet his actions seem to show they might have?

See the person you are with once a week? An enlightening article thank you so much for it! I believe he only sends them to me. We text sparodically but might end up chatting for 2 hours. He asks for my opinion about his artwork, sends me jokes and we share info about food,songs and movies we like. My main point of anguish is how he might spend a month without even sending me a hello.

Also the fact that when I text him , he might take days to respond. I find it hurtful and disrespectful. Otherwise he is an amazing person and I feel lucky to have him in my life,especially after having suffered a long abusive marriage that ended several years ago. Does it seem like he is falling for me?


Is it normal how he hides away for a month or more then casually starts chatting like nothing has happened? Should I give it a chance or walk away? Waiting to hear your opinion. Your email address will not be published.

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The Ultimate Introvert’s Dilemma In Relationships - Introvert Spring

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Here are 10 things that we need in relationships for you to consider: Meaningful conversations We look for depth in a partner —someone who can keep up with us when we talk about possibilities and theories. Slow steadiness A slow and steady pace wins the race to our hearts. Help us get out of our heads. Read between the lines. Be respectful to our need for space. I Will read more about it. I found my self in it.

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