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It stemmed partly from a line in Euripides' tragedy Medea , and partly from a conversation she had with her mother in which her mother said Love couldn't carry a hole around inside her just because she'd had a difficult childhood. Love's mum was right about one thing: After her parents divorced when she was five, Love was more or less nomadic. She was shunted between family members, friends and foster parents.

She was sent for a time to a boarding school in New Zealand and ended up at a reform school in Salem, Oregon.

The only constants in her teenage life were a total lack of stability and a love of post-punk. It gave her time to improve her guitar playing and fill journals with poems and scraps of lyrics that would eventually make their way into songs. Love arrived in Seattle right as the first rumblings of grunge were beginning to be heard around the world.

Like a lot of grunge music, her songs were rooted in feelings of damage. Psychological scars were on defiant display. But Love, done up in ragged baby doll dresses and Mary Janes, her make-up heavy and smeared, gave a distinctly female expression to grunge's usually male damage narrative. No other grunge artist could have come out with albums such as Pretty on the Inside Hole's thrilling, abrasive debut and Live through This the loud and lush follow-up, and Hole's finest moment.

Live through This is an album about sexual double standards and exploitation. About sorrow and survival. About chasing beauty while feeling ugly.

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Love hurls the rage around throughout, but she is also darkly humorous, and self-aware enough to take aim at the woman in the mirror ''I fake it so real I am beyond fake,'' she deadpans on Doll Parts. In a voice by turns angry and heartbroken, she sings about feeling used and discarded Violet , domestic violence Jennifer's Body , parental neglect Softer, Softest , sexual politics Asking for It , and about the sickness and distortions of beauty myths Miss World.

And when, halfway through the album, she cries over and over again, ''Someday you will ache like I ache'', the line seems to capture the listless motivation of every sad teenager who's ever turned to rock music for solace and a way through.

It is a shame that Live through This , though a successful album, isn't more widely acclaimed. The tragic circumstances of its release had the twin effect of giving it huge exposure and yet somehow overshadowing just how good it was. All that has swirled around Love in the years since - the conspiracy theories, the tabloid stories, the drama, the outrage, the sexism - has made it even harder to hear the album for what it is: For what it's worth, Love didn't introduce Cobain to heroin he was most likely addicted from late , when a character named ''heroine'' began appearing in his journal.

She didn't encourage him to do drugs she in fact tried a number of times to get him into rehab and even staged interventions.

What Did Exactly Happen To Hole’s Bassist Kristen Pfaff, Who Died 19 Years Ago This Month?

She didn't take his songs without credit her songwriting was influenced by his, as his was by hers; they were, after all, a couple. What Love did do was live wild. She took drugs and trusted others could look after themselves. She flirted with self-destruction. She got into fights. She burned with ambition.